1995 Chevrolet Camaro – Battery Goes Dead Now and Then

Reader Question: I recently replaced my 1995 Chevrolet Camaro v6 engine with a point 2002 6-speed 1L engine. Every three days, the battery goes dead and I would have to jump-start it.

I also took my Chevrolet Camaro to several mechanics who put it on their machines and learned that there is nothing wrong with the Camaro.

I then replaced the battery, to no avail. The Battery needs to be jump after several days. In addition, I change the door hinges just in case my door was not closing all the way.

Do you have any ideas?


Hey Johnson,

You need to get someone to check your charging system for a voltage drain. I would leave the vehicle with them over night with their voltage meter hooked up to your battery.

Something is draining the battery down, but finding the culprit can take time. Things such as aftermarket radios, CD players, amplifiers, cell phone chargers, electric seat motors, electric antenna, and interior dome lights – trunk and hood lights staying on – I have even seen engine computers stay ON and drain the battery.

You need to find a quality shop with a good electrical mechanic and be prepared to spend a few hours in labor time just to trace the problem down.

Austin Davis

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