1995 Audi A6 – Check Engine Light On – Dealership Replaced Catalytic Converters

Reader Question Hi Austin,
I know that you are very busy, and I appreciate your time into reading my e-mail.

I have a 1995 Audi A6 2.8 liter front wheel drive car. When I bought the car a year ago (exactly) the check engine light came on, however it shortly went away over the summer. Since then I have had to replace the following : brakes, timing belt, radio, and repair a leak in the oil cooling thing!!!!

However, since winter has started, the check engine light (yellow) came on each day at the same time, and it only appeared in the morning (never any other time) when it was freezing cold (these New England winters!!!). I began to warm my car up more and more, and as I performed this, the check engine light stopped displaying.

However, one morning the car rode very very rough. I immediatley pulled over and smelled a horrible rotten egg smell ,and I knew immediatley that either the muffler, or the catalytic converter was shot. I brought it into my local nissan dealership (love the dealership, audi is terrible with customers who do not have a new car). Here is where I am at now:

Nissan told me that they had to replace both catalytic converters (there were two) because both were clogged to the max. Then they had to replace a fuel injector because that was clogged to the max. I recently called them and they told me that now the check engine light is permanentley on and they will have to go to Audi and override it…….

I don’t feel comfortable having the check engine light overrided when it is on for a reason. How do you feel about the whole situation. By the way, there are 118,000 miles on the vehicle.

Thank you for all of your time,

Hey there Devin,

Thanks for your email. Usually when the cat converters and or mufflers are stopped up, the engine can not exhale, so the car runs very sluggish. When you are in park with the engine running, give the accelerator a quick punch to the floorboard and release.

Usually if the exhaust system is stopped up, the engine will take a long time to rev up. There will also be a notable decrease in hot exhaust out the tailpipe when you do the test above. If this is happening, you probably DO have stopped up converts.

So, take the car directly to the local muffler shop and have them check it again first, and if needed replace the mufflers and converters. A muffler shop will probably charge half what the dealership quotes you.

If you don’t notice the decrease in performance then I would get a second opinion. There are many sensors that can cause the check engine light to come on….so before you fork over a bunch of cash you better make sure they are on the right track.

Did you already read the article I have on check engine lights?
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Austin Davis

BTW…dont try to override the check engine light…you are asking for trouble!

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