1994 Pontiac Sunbird Engine Quits Running Somtimes

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I’m working on a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird that quit running while the owner was driving down the road. At one point the car turned over and since then it will not turn over and there is no spark.

I’ve replaced the ignition coil/module, crankshaft sensor and the computer. It still has no spark. I did put used parts on and thought maybe one may be bad but I’m not sure how to check each piece I put on to see if it’s good.

I asked an automotive shop but they said you can’t check them. If there’s anything else I can do could you please let me know. Thank You,

Hi there John

If you were in my shop I would first check to see if you have fuel pressure at the engine. You can check this yourself with a fuel pressure gauge you can rent from your local auto parts store. Just attach the gauge to the schrader valve located at the back of the engine on the fuel rail, then have someone crank the engine over.

If you don’t have fuel pressure, I would further investigate the fuel pump and make sure you have power going to it. You can sometimes bang on the bottom of the fuel tank with a rubber hammer AS someone cranks the engine over, this can help jump start a weak fuel pump.

If the fuel pump is bad you will have to drain the tank of fuel and remove the tank from the vehicle to gain access to the electric fuel pump inside. I would also replace the fuel pump screen (which is a filter that fits on the end of the pump) and the inline fuel filter located outside the tank on the frame rail of the vehicle.

Austin Davis

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