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1994 LeBaron GTC

Reader Question: My 1994 LeBaron GTC was running fine and has sat for a few months.

Now it will start and rev up to about 5,000 RPM but dies out right away I cannot get it to idle at all or continue running.



Hi Benny,

I am not very familiar with your vehicle. It has been awhile since I have seen one in my shop.

I would look around under the hood for a broken rubber vacuum hose or hose connection that could be causing a vacuum leak. Also, check the black plastic hose from the air cleaner to the engine, look and feel underneath the hose for a crack that would cause a vacuum leak.

A few other items I would look at would be:

(1) Throttle position sensor – is it plugged in and working correctly

(2) MAF – Mass Air Flow sensor (if your model is equipped with one) – again, is it plugged in and working correctly – you can sometimes unplug the sensor and get the vehicle to at least idle

(3) Check fuel pressure with a manual fuel pressure gauge

(4) Idle speed control motor – is it working correctly, is it plugged in?

I am afraid the items listed above will require some test equipment and knowledge of them to really test them, but if you had a local mechanic, you might want them to help you check those items or do it for you.

Austin Davis

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