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1994 Chevy Z71 Pickup Truck

Reader Question: Hi,

My son has a 1994 Chevy Z71 pickup truck and recently his temperature gauge has started going up quite high, then antifreeze starts to spray out everywhere. My husband checked the hoses, but could not find a leak anywhere. His guess is that the thermostat may need to be replaced, but is not quite sure.

Do you have any suggestions as to what it might be?



Hi Teri,

Thanks for your e-mail. First off, there is some great information about overheating in this article. Read this first.

Engine Over Heating Problems

I ALWAYS recommend getting a cooling system pressure test FIRST in situations like this.

If you are sure there are no coolant leaks, I would feel the upper and lower radiator hoses. If one hose is much colder than the other one, yes a thermostat replacement would be a good place to start. The thermostat is cheap and easy to get to and it definitely would not hurt to replace it just as maintenance if nothing else.

If both hoses are HOT, I would replace the radiator cap, since the purpose of the cap is to regulate the internal pressure of the cooling system.

Keep me posted

Austin Davis

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