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1994 Chevrolet Corsica

Reader Question: My 1994 Chevrolet Corsica with a 3.1 engine, sometimes, is hard to start. When is does, it misses and dies, especially when it warms up.

We have spark and fuel. In fact, we have replaced the ECM, spark plugs, plug wires, fuel pump, MAP sensor, TPS sensor, Crank sensor, converter, and coil pack.

Do you have any advice?


Hey Ron,

Wow, you should have a new car by now with all that you have replaced!

I would check the following:

1. Coolant temperature sensor operation

2. Oxygen sensor operation


4. Check for a vacuum leak under the hood – CAREFULLY use a can of WD 40 with the engine running spray around intake gasket and vacuum hoses to check for a vacuum leak. If there is a leak the engine RPM will increase as it sucks up the WD. WD is flammable, so keep it clear of spark producing items!!!!

5. Check engine compression

Austin Davis

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