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1994 Chevrolet 3/4 Ton 4×4 350 Truck

Reader Question: My 1994 Chevrolet 3/4 Ton 4×4 350 AT truck not all the sudden would start after stopping for fuel. Towed home and let set for a few days, then it fired right up. Turned off again wont start, let set will start. I have replaced the in tank fuel pump, and filter when it wont start its not getting any fuel out the TBI. What else could it be?

Thanks for the help.


Hi Scott,

I would first want to check for spark at the spark plugs and ignition coil, and fuel pressure at the engine and see which one you are missing.

If you are not getting spark to the spark plugs but have spark at the ignition coil, I would try replacing the ignition module and pick up coil inside the distributor, they tend to overheat then fail…and if you wait until they cool down again they will work until they overheat again.

The module controls spark and injector pulse timing.

Austin Davis

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