1994 Buick – ABS Light Is On

Reader Question: My neighbor has 1994 Buick. The ABS light has come on. What are possible problems and or solutions?

Anything will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.


Hi Bob,

You really need to get your mechanic to “read the ABS codes” and see what the trouble code is being stored. There are sensors on wheels, an ABS computer, the brake master cylinder, and the hydraulic portion of the ABS system. You really do not want to guess at any of them, as they can be expensive to replace.

I would have all the wheels removed and the brakes inspected as well just to get an overview of the brake system condition.

This is probably an electronic sensor issue and not an actual brake lining or brake wear problem though. When that ABS light is ON, the ABS system is deactivated. Therefore, if they try to make a panic stop the ABS system will not function.

Austin Davis

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