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Reader Question: I have a 1994 Buick LeSabre. It has been taken care of since its birth. Oil changes no later than 5000 miles, fluids in check, etc. All minor maintenance was done as soon as needed.

However, today, at 122,615 Miles, it’s “Service Engine Soon” yellow light came on, about 5 minutes into doing local errands. I did not worry (although this is a first). When it was turned off and back on for three stops. The Light would again come on 3-5 minutes into driving.

As I was round the last curve home, the car died, at 40 MPH! It did coast onto our road. I put it in neutral. It started with a pause. Then I got home. The levels (including oil) are normal.

Raised around shade Tree mechanics, I have never encountered anything like this. Do you know what this could be?

Thank you and have a blessed week!

Thanks for the quote!


Hi Kris,

The YELLOW check engine light comes on usually because of a malfunctioning emissions control sensor or some other computer sensor problem. In most cases, the computer just makes note of the issue in its computer log and turns on the dash light to alert you that the computer noticed a problem and made a note of it.

The light is yellow for caution, not RED that means danger turn off the engine immediately. I say that because oil and other under hood fluid levels do not affect the yellow check engine light.

Your situation is a little different in that the engine actually died while you were driving. Something drastic must be going on. I usually tell people who have this check engine light ON, to get it looked into at their convenience but it is not something you need to do immediately. I think in your case though I would get it looked at now.

I cannot even begin to guess what is happening here, it could be one of MANY things. I hope that it is nothing to serious and can be corrected quickly, easily, and relatively cheaply.

Just in case you missed my article about check engine lights, here it is again:

How to Check Engine Lights

Keep me posted as to what you find out.

Austin Davis

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  1. Ben says:

    I and several others have had this same problem and had a heckuva time attempting to find out what was causing it. 2 shops couldn’t diagnose it. I started guessing sensors until a friend of mine at work told me he spent 3 months trying to figure out what was wrong with a car a friend had brought to him to fix.
    Crank sensor. Located behind the harmonic balancer. Not an expensive part. After installing a new crank sensor, I never had that problem again.

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