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1993 Toyota Paseo

Reader Question: I have a 1993 Toyota Paseo with only 48,000 miles on it. I recently had the brakes repaired – the works – since another shop that does the oil changes for me suggested they be checked, and mentioned that the brake fluid levels were down.

I had not been having any brake problems.

The noise when braking (after the repairs), started and it became worse. I returned four times to the mechanic. They finally replaced the pads again (hopefully with Toyota pads as I asked) and they thought all was solved.

Now the noise has become a grinding, clunking sound when I apply the brakes. Do you have any thoughts?



Hi Vicki,

Either the noise you hear could be from the material in the brake pads that they installed or it could be because the front brake rotors need to be resurfaced to make them smooth again.

There is also some anti rattle clips that snap onto the brake pads that help reduce noise problems. They might not have replaced those clips or there could be a problem with the clips that is causing the noise.

I would ask the shop to re-resurface the front brake rotors again OR I would cut my losses with this shop and get another shop to redo the work properly this time I hope. There is nothing tricky about the brakes on your car. They are just normal run of the mill brakes.

So, I am not sure why the mechanic is having problems. I hope they are taking test drives with you so they can hear the same noise you are hearing. If they are not taking time to drive with you, find a shop that will.

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Austin Davis

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