1993 Mitsubishi Lancer Instrument Panel Replacement

Reader Question Hi,
I wanted to ask your advice on changing the instrument panel of my car.

I have a 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer, CC model, Automatic Transmission (3 speed), Hatchback (5 door). The car currently has an instrument cluster with 3 gauges: A Speedometer, Fuel & Temperature.

If I changed the instrument cluster from another Lancer that also has a Tachometer gauge on it, would it operate properly ?

The Lancer_Guy

Hey Chris,

That is a great question………..and you stumped me, I don’t really know the answer! It MIGHT work. If you are buying the part from a junk yard they might let you take it home and try it……..but they usually don’t offer cash refunds, they will just try to locate you another one without the tach in exchange. It wont hurt to try it…….if you cant find the exact match.

You can ask the junk yard to “run it on the hot line” which will help you locate the correct part in your area. They can also check their “Hollander Service” to determine if the parts are interchangeable.


Austin Davis

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