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1993 Mercury Sable Wagon

Reader Question: Hi,

I just purchased a 1993 Mercury Sable Wagon for US$700.00. The auto has 38,900 miles on it. I have changed the fluids. I just took the car on the expressway and found that when I accelerate over 70 mph the cars begins to shake.

I do not know if it is the alignment or engine. The engine does not lose speed but the shaking as if it is the wheels.

Please help!


Hey there,

If you can drive out of this vibration, meaning the vibration is there at 70MPH but gets better at 80 MPH (not recommending you drive that fast) then you probably have a wheel balance problem and I would start with rotating and balancing all 4 wheels.

Here is a recent article I wrote about it –

Front-end Alignment Article

Austin Davis

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