1993 Lebaron Convertible Won’t Start

Reader Question: Hi,

I own a 1993 Lebaron Conv 3.0L. I replaced the fuel pump. It had no fuel pressure. Than it ran ok for a day, had a loss of power, and would not start.

After playing around for a bit, I got it to start. Nevertheless, it would buck if I hit the gas too hard. I babied it home.

Before this started I turned off the car and it would not shutoff. It kept running. I am lost.

Could you help?


Hey John,

You kinda got me stumped here. It still sounds like you have a lack of fuel pressure type of problem for the no start and bucking when you hit the gas problem.

Next time, it won’t start you really need to check for fuel pressure with a manual fuel pressure gauge hooked up to the engine AND check for spark at the spark plugs, you have to be missing one of those main ingredients. If you do not have spark, start with the distributor, ignition coil and module first to see if you have spark there.

You might also want to bang on the bottom of the fuel tank AS someone cranks the engine over to see if that will jump-start your fuel pump. If the engine starts, you probably still have a fuel pump problem or you got a defective pump.

The part about not being able to shut the engine off, that could be a bad ignition switch or a problem with the ignition lock cylinder not making connection with the ignition switch or a problem in the steering column.

I personally have not worked on many of these vehicles to know if there is an inherent problem with them or not.

Austin Davis

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