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1993 Cadillac

Reader Question: I have a 1993 Cadillac. Every morning the battery is dead, dead as in not enough juice to start the car. I have tried 3 different batteries, 2 of them New. I have connected a voltage meter to the battery and have proceeded to remove fuses one at a time, but to no avail.

Do you have any ideas?



Hey there Vince,

Have you read my article about this type of issue? Here it is again if you have not.

How to Do a Complete Electrical Test on Your Car

I would first get a complete electrical test done on the vehicle. I would suspect you have a voltage drain that is sucking power from the battery when the engine is OFF, or your alternator is not re-charging the battery when you drive.

Cadillac’s have lots of electronics on them…so pay special attention to anything that could possibly drain down your battery. I give some examples in the article above.

Austin Davis

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