Engine Looses Power

Reader Question Hello my name is Lou I have been having trouble with my 1993 Buick Regal for 2 months now I am getting very frustrated. It is very sluggish and will not climb a hill as soon as I come to a small upgrade it bogs down and the motor dies. I have replaced the fuel injectors,the plugs and wires.the oxygen censor, and just put the coil packs on it with no success.

So please if you know of what might be wrong with my car please let me know ASAP its getting mighty expensive buying all these parts that people are telling me to and not helping any. Oh yeah the mototr has a kickkback to sometimes when its hot.
Thanks Lou

Hello Lou

I would first start by :

1. Checking fuel pressure and volume

2. Check the EGR and exhaust system for a restriction

3. Check base ignition timing

4. Read computer codes and test sensors – cam and crank and MAP sensors

5. Maybe check compression if I though the engine had internal wear

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