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1992 Mercury Topaz

Reader Question: I have a 1992 Mercury Topaz. I took it to the mechanic this morning because it was shaking when I stopped. He said the heat kept going on and off so I needed a head gasket and a new motor.

Please advise.

Thank you!

Hey there,

I would definitely get a second opinion before I did anything to this engine. These engines are notorious for head gasket problems due to overheating, but I would have a honest qualified mechanic do a cooling system pressure test, then an engine compression test FIRST to determine if there is internal engine damage. You need either a new head gasket or a new motor but you would not replace both.

Common signs of a blown head gasket or engine damage due to overheating are:

1. Engine overheating

2. Water in the engine oil – will look like a chocolate milkshake

3. Engine missing and running bad and poor performance

4. White smoke out the tailpipe

5. Coolant loss – constantly adding coolant to the radiator with no external leaks found

Here is an article about head gasket failure from overheating and an over the counter additive that I have had great success with repairing blown head gaskets.

About Head Gasket Failure

About the Sealer Additive

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