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1992 Mercury Topaz – Engine Shakes and Makes Noise

Reader Question When I start up my 1992 Mercury Topaz, it starts to shake and makes a loud noise. I was told that it might need a tune up or exhaust system, or it could be the shocks. I wanted to check with you first before I did anything. Could you tell me what might be wrong with it?

Thank you

Hi there,

It is definitely not the shocks; shocks only affect ride performance and handling. The exhaust system could have a hole in it and be the culprit of the noise…but it would not make the engine shake.

Yes, it could be something as simple as an engine tune up or a dirty throttle body and idle control motor that needs to be cleaned as part or regular maintenance.

The noise concerns me though, I would take it to a repair shop and have a mechanic listen to the noise (they should do that without cost) and give their opinion before you start doing any repairs.

Austin Davis

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