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1992 Geo Storm

Reader Question: I have a 1992 Geo Storm, which sat for a while like 7 to 8 months. I have had it running for 2 months.

However, when I looked at my car and when I first had it there was no water or anything coming out of the exhaust. Now there is and it is black at first the car would start but it was hard then I had to rev it up and then all the water would come out and it would run smooth.

The water is black and I think there is something else in it.

I was stupid and I was revving it up really high when it was cold to so. I think I have a blown head gasket but it runs fine and the smoke goes away but only when I rev it up a little it comes but then goes away.

It recently had a newer engine put in it and sorry for a long message I know how busy you are and I really need to know I do not want to ruin my car for good!

My mechanic said to check the cylinder pressure and they all come out to be 180 and I did not a recent full tune up.

Can you help me?


Hey there Tyler,

Are you adding coolant to the radiator on a regular basis? You might just be seeing condensation water coming out the tailpipe and not actually coolant due to a head gasket leak.

You should get a cooling system pressure test if you are continually adding coolant to the radiator to determine if you have a head gasket leak or some other kind of internal coolant leak.

It is not unusual for water to come out of the tailpipe, and the black stuff is part of the exhaust soot and carbon build up that is inside the exhaust system. Your engine might be running a little rich, meaning there is too much unburned fuel coming out the tailpipe.

Your compression numbers are good, and if you do not have a coolant leak then there is probably nothing wrong with your engine. You might need a new muffler, since most mufflers will have a drain hole in them to help remove the excess water that is caused by condensation from the engine.

Austin Davis

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