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1992 Ford Taurus 3.8L

Reader Question: I have a 1992 Ford Taurus with 3.8L engine, which has smoke coming somewhere from the engine.

Do you know what would cause this?


Hey Lyle,

I would lift the hood and take a look to see if I can pin point where the smoke is coming from. Does there appear to be fluid on the engine like antifreeze or engine oil that is getting hot and producing smoke? If you have an oil leak, it could be dripping oil on the hot engine, thus producing the smoke.

An antifreeze leak from a leaking radiator or heater hose dripping on a hot engine will also produce white smoke. I have also seen plastic grocery bags there were on the road get stuck to the hot engine and hot exhaust pipes attached to the engine and burn which produces smoke and a burning smell.

Austin Davis

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