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Ford Explorer Coolant Leak – But Where?

Reader Question I have a 92 Ford Explorer xlt, it started stop working on me because I think it needs a new water pump. it just leaks a sh– load. when I looked underneath it looked like it was coming out of a hose or whatever right before the water pump.

Then it would shoot a lot of steam as soon as i took off the radiator cap. sometimes when I’m driving, it would just shut off. and yes it would say its over heating badly. I recently replaced a thermal temp gauge so I now know the temp is accurate. My friend works at a body shop and he says it could use new ignition wires, fluids, new water pump, brakes, and thats about it. Would u know if he could be right?

Hello there

The first thing you gotta do is get a cooling system pressure test done. This is a cheap and quick test that just about any repair shop or fast lube place can do for you while you wait.

This will tell you what is leaking. You do not want to continue to drive this vehicle like this or you could do some severe and expensive internal engine damage if it continues to over heat.


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