1991 Lincoln Continental – Leaks Antifreeze

Reader Question: Hi honest mechanic,

My 1991 Lincoln Continental has begun to leak antifreeze out the back of the exhaust. Not the part of the engine or the manifolds on the engine, but the car has duel exhaust and it is just running out both mufflers. I have never seen this before what could it be?


Hey John,

Take the car to your mechanic and get a cooling system pressure test FIRST to make sure this is really antifreeze you see and not just water from condensation, which is normal.

You did not mention any of the common symptoms of a head gasket leak, which are:

(1) White smoke out exhaust
(2) Engine misfire and running bad due to water in the cylinders and on the spark plugs
(3) Overheating
(4) Water in the engine oil

If you DO suspect you have a head gasket or internal engine problem, you might want to try this cheap over the counter additive first and see what happens.

Engine Block Sealer Additive Tips

Austin Davis

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