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1991 Dodge Pickup Truck

Reader Question: I am having trouble with my 1991 Dodge Pickup starting. It may start and run for 15 minutes but then shut off and not restart. But sometimes it does not start at all. Moisture appears to be a factor sometimes.

I have narrowed it down to what I think the problem is. I believe it is in an electrical box on the driver’s side inner fender (behind the battery). I hear a noise in that area that sounds like a circuit resetting. Before I hear the reset noise, there is no current on either side of the coil. After it makes the noise, I have current on the switch side of the coil.

What is that box called and do they go bad? Do you have any idea of what it costs to replace it?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Hey there Zane,

I do not have a diagram of what you are looking at…and my memory is not that great either, but I have a feeling you are looking at the engine control module…the “computer” so to speak. Should be a black kinda rectangle black box with many wire connectors attached to it?

If you really think, you have a problem with it. I would call a few junk yards and see if they have one you can test/try. If I remember right, they are pricey.

Your local auto parts store might have a cheaper rebuilt unit if you cannot find a used one.

Austin Davis

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