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Chevrolet Corsica Heater Blower Not Working

Reader Question: I tried to get a quote, but I live in Massachusetts, which is not listed in your pull down…sorry!

Nevertheless, I do have a question. I have a 1991 Chevrolet Corsica, and sometimes the heater blower motor will not run.

If I open the hood and close it, the blower turns on and all is fine for the time being. I am guessing there is maybe a loose connection somewhere in the engine compartment, but I do not know where to look.

Can you point me in the right direction?



Hey Dave,

I would suspect you have a bad blower motor. You should be able to see part of the blower motor under the hood on the passenger side firewall. Slamming the hood is probably jarring the internal motor windings just enough to get it going again.

Next time, lightly tap on the blower motor with a block of wood or rubber hammer. If the blower motor starts up you need to replace it.

Here is a picture of a blower motor:

You will not see the shiny chrome pin side, but you will see the backside with the wire connector under the hood.

Austin Davis

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