1990 Toyota Camry – Rear Brake Line Rotted

Reader Question: Hello,

I have a 1990 Toyota Camry. The rear brake line is rotted out and needs to be replaced. How long do you think it will take for this repair and what you feel is a fair price for it?

Thank you for your time.


Hi John,

I have some generic metal brake line material in my shop that I would use to make up the needed line. I would guess the repair time including bleeding the brakes to be about 2 hours labor and US$30 in parts would be a good guess.

You might call the Toyota dealer just to see if they sell and stock the line so you do not have to try to bend one to match. Buying an exact match would save labor time if it was still available from the dealership.

Most auto parts stores will carry generic straight metal brake line that you can bend to fit the body of the vehicle.

Buying the line from a wrecked Camry in a junk yard would be another option.

Austin Davis

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