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1989 GMC Utility Truck

Reader Question: Hi,

We have a 1989 GMC Utility Truck that we cannot get the power steering to quit leaking from. We have changed the pump and the O-ring and the fluid just foams and runs out the bottom of the seal.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks very much.


Hey Janice,

Well your power steering system is comprised of –

(1) A pump

(2) A fluid pressure hose

(3) A fluid return hose

(4) A gearbox

If you replaced the pump and the reservoir housing and the O-ring and you still have a leak, I would assume you have a leak in the pressure hose or you still have a leak in the pump.

The gearbox is more under the front driver side of the vehicle, and the pump and the hoses are under the hood. I most always replace the two hoses when I replace the pump, since you have to remove one end of the hoses anyway and they are probably the same age as the pump.

Austin Davis

Reader Follow up

Austin, just an update… was a leaking power steering pressure hose. We should have replaced it when we installed the pump.

Thanks again!

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