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1989 Chevrolet Small-Block Car Engine

Reader Question: My question is not really for a car but it is a car engine.

My boat’s engine is 1989 Chevrolet Small-Block 350. When I turn the ignition on to start, the starter does not seem to catch. It just hums. I have to wait a little until it stops the spinning sound and then I can try again. It usually takes a few times before I can get it started.

What does this sound like to you? Is it solenoid or starter?


Hey Larry,

This could be a bad bendix in the starter motor and require a new starter or an overhaul of your starter by a starter/alternator shop in your area.

Or, it could be a bad spot on the flywheel and the starter drive gear can not grab hold of the flywheel, so inspect the flywheel first for missing or worn out teeth.

Austin Davis

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