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BMW Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air – Freon Leak?

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Gooday, I saw your website and went through it and must confess that its very helpful. Please I have a problem regarding my car A/c, a Bmw 525, 1989 model. the Ac was no longer cooling so i went to a mechanic and filled the gas up. it again started cooling , but to my surprise 4 days later, it stopped cooling and blew hot air.

I went to the mechanic and was told that he suspect that this is a leakage but he would first dismantle one or two things to rectify the fault. but i told he to wait till am ready as i no longer have trust because this fault was not up before. please what can u suggest regarding this
God Bless,


Hello there Richy,

First off find another mechanic, hopefully one that is more qualified and has experience with BMW. They need to add the Freon gas to the system then check it for leaks with an electronic leak detector. That is the standard recommended procedure. If they don’t find a leak, ask them to install some fluorescent dye into the system, and when the Freon and dye leak out this time they can use a black light to find the trace of dye.

These dye/black light systems can be rented at most auto part stores in the U.S and many repair shops carry them and use them. Air conditioning work is the most expensive/profitable job….so make sure you get an honest experienced BMW mechanic!

Austin Davis

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