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1988 Chrysler Le baron Convertible

Reader Question
I own a 1988 Chrysler Le baron Convertible. I would be happy to subscribe to your “On Line Car Repair Manual” if it would help me make minor repairs to this car.

My current problem is that the Headlight doors operate intermittently. Open all the way but most of the time close only partially. Also the top raising and lowering is starting to have problems.

If the above described subscription with accomplish the above, sign me up. If not, I already have a supply of those that won’t, including Chiltons.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Howdy Lyle,

To be honest, I do not know how in depth Alldata online manuals will go on the headlight issue, or the top issue at that……

I have not worked on one of these cars in a long time, and I really do not have much personal experience with these either. Are the headlights operated by vacuum? I they are, there could be a vacuum leak somewhere under the hood, or the diaphragms for the headlights themselves could have a small hole in them which is causing a vacuum leak.

If the headlights are electrically operated, you might have a problem with the headlight retracting motors.

The convertible top issue is not really something I would work on in my shop either, but it is probably operated by a hydraulic pump which takes automatic transmission fluid to operate. If the pump is low on hydraulic fluid it will not function properly. I would first start by checking the fluid level.


Austin Davis

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