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1980 Ford F250 Super Duty Truck

Reader Question: My dad took his 1980 Ford F250 Super Duty truck to a mechanics shop. They told him the motor was blown and they would replace it with a used motor for $1,300.

They did that and when he called two weeks later to find out why it was taking so long, they told him they had replaced the motor but the transmission was bad too and would be an additional $800.

I do not know much about cars but it sounds to me like this place failed to align the motor and transmission properly and busted the pump inside the transmission.

I have no idea how to advise my parents on this so maybe you can advise?


Hey there,

Yes, I do have to agree with you about the fact that this sure smells fishy. Could the transmission had been the culprit all along? I have seen transmission torque converters lock up and not allow the engine to turn over…so one would think the engine was locked up.

I have heard many transmission torque converters that were banging around and making all kinds of noise inside the transmission bell housing that sounded like it was coming out of a “blown engine”.

So I guess the biggest question I would have for the shop is why what was the reason to replace the engine in the first place? I am not really sure what to tell you to do about the extra cost, I am not a lawyer and it sounds like you might need one. Not real sure spending $2100 on a 1980 vehicle is a wise decision that is a nice down payment on a new vehicle.

Austin Davis

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