1972 Ford Maverick Needs a New Radiator

Reader Question Hi my name is Mark I am 17 I own a 1972 Ford Maverick it has a 250 cid inline 6 cylinder it has a/c power steering, it only has 85,000 miles I recently replaced the freeze plugs cleaned the carburetor and put a manual choke on it.

Lately my radiator is messing up so I pulled it out and soldered the leaks but it seems like every time I get one leak fixed another one pops up. I live in Fieldale Virginia
how much do you think it would cost to get my radiator recored? And maybe my engine rebuilt?

Hey there Mark

ANYTIME you have a coolant leak you should always always always get a cooling system pressure test on the system. Just about any local repair shop or even a fast lube place can do it for you. Its cheap and fast and can be done while you wait.

I would like to see you get that done first to check for coolant leaks…and I would really like to see you buy a new radiator rather than recore your radiator. New radiator prices are cheap…thanks to China. You don’t have a popular vehicle, but hopefully it will interchange to something that will fit. You just want to make sure it has the same number of ROWS and same thickness.

These guys will ship one to you http://www.radiator.com/

You better talk to a FEW repair shops about rebuilding you engine……do what ever you can NOT to go down that road. If you are using/burning engine oil try using thicker weight oil and one of the over the counter oil additives like RESTORE which you can get at most auto parts stores.


Austin Davis

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