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My name is Austin Davis, and I live in the tiny Texas town of Magnolia, which is just North of Houston with my wife and daughters…and two cats.  My grandfather started our family auto repair shop close to downtown Houston in 1937, and after I graduated with a college degree in finance I took over the shop from my father.

I hate to admit this, but I am really not that interested in “cars” I was never much of a DYI guy, nor did I enjoy collecting or repairing old cars for fun…which most auto repair shop guys like to do.  I love the stock market, commodity trading and starting new businesses or resurrecting old failing businesses.

So in late 2001 I sold my family repair shop and took my knowledge to the internet, which at that time Google was not even around yet.  I wrote an ebook (which you can find on my website) about how to save money on car repair bills and started selling it online. The ebook was a huge success and gave me confidence that I could make a living working online from home and helping people solve their car issues…which I do for free.

My main area of expertise is helping my visitors understand what is happening with their car and how to resolve issues that have come up with their mechanic.  I obviously can not “fix” their car over the internet, but I can help them communicate the problems with their mechanic and or point them in the right direction to allow them to repair the car themselves.

In my ebook I talk mainly about communication problems that take place between the customer and and mechanic, and how to get better service and cheaper prices for the work that needs to be done.  For example. NEVER tell a mechanic or repair shop what your spending budget is. Sounds logical, but I see that happen every day and the customer is shocked that the budget was reached and the main complaint they took the car in for repairs was not actually repaired.

Mechanics are usually really good at repairing cars, but they are not very good communicators or business people.  They like to work with their hands, and usually avoid any interaction with the customer if at all possible. The reason is…..the are not good communicators!  They hear what they want to hear and repair what they THINK you said you wanted repaired.

So if the yellow check engine light comes on when you drive over 40MPH and only during the rain then get them to repair that issue FIRST and give the vehicle enough time to prove the issue is repaired before you spend any more money doing anything else.  You are likely to spend your budget on non essential items only to find out the original problem still exists or was misdiagnosed. Now your mad at the mechanic, and you are broke….and still have the check engine light coming on.  See this kind of thing happen every day!

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