Head Gasket Problems

How Do I Know If I Have a Head Gasket Leak?

How Do I Know If I Have a Head Gasket Leak?

My mechanic says I have very little head gasket damage. he did a block test and says the color is still blue but not dark blue like it started out. did a pressure test and find a leak in the radiator… he wants $2000 for a new radiator and gasket job or $700 to use […]

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Over Heating

Car Thermostat – When To Replace It?

Car Thermostat – When To Replace It?

I have a question for you Mr. Mechanic.  My Toyota Camry, 2003 model seems to want to over heat when I sit in traffic for long periods of time or when idling with the A/C on high. My mechanic says I should replace my thermostat to solve this issue but I am questioning his ability […]

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Check Engine Lights

My Car Heater is Not Hot and Engine Oil Light Is On

I have a Ford Fiesta Chicane that broke down a few months ago and required a new engine, so as you do when you want nothing else but to get back on the road, I purchased an engine and had it fitted by the local garage.

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Brake Problems

Brake Pedal In My Car Goes to The Floor

I’m an owner of a 1991 honda crx. I took my car to get repaired for an axle, and rotors and brake pads. I am now having a problem braking. The brake pedal goes all the way to the floor and nothing happens I have to use the emergency brake to stop.I was told by one of the mechanics that my brake line was not working correctly, then I was told that the master cylinder is the problem.

Won't Start Problems

VW Jetta Won’t Start Sometimes – Engine Will Turn Over Though

Thanks for your time – I have a 2001 VW Jetta that is having a intermittent starting problems. I have taken it to the dealer & they cannot duplicate the problem. Sometimes the car starts, however recently the car will turn-over but not start. The dealer checked the charging systems & they appear to be fine. I notice when you unlock & open the doors there is a small motor sound. Could the starting have something to do with this motor? I noticed that if the motor does not sound the car will not start?? Thanks in advance Jeff

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Tire Wear Problems

Loud Noise In Car At High Speeds

Loud Noise In Car At High Speeds

I was just wondering if you might have any idea in this issue I’ve been having with my bad.  I bought a 2006 Cadillac STS in February of this year,  about a could days after having the car I hit a pot hole which dented my rim and damaged the this in my right front. […]

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Recent Posts

The Best Car Battery?  What Brand Name?

The Best Car Battery? What Brand Name?

Austin, love your site man. Got a quick question for you if you have time to reply.  My Toyota Corolla probably needs a new car battery, it was dead this morning and is about 4 years old now.  I was wondering what brand name you would recommend I buy?  I want the best I can […]

Is My Heater Core in My Car Bad?

Is My Heater Core in My Car Bad?

So it’s pretty cold outside now huh, and the heater in your car is not as hot as it should be…or not hot at all.  I am starting to get tons of emails pouring in about this topic, it’s a “hot topic” right now. The heater core is like a small radiator located in your […]

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Overheating Car Problems – How To Diagnose

Overheating Car Problems – How To Diagnose

Austin, how are you today sir. I just love your site and all the information you give…and for free. What a blessing you are to us.  I have a question which I did not find an answer to on your site.  My car, 2001 Honda Accord has an engine overheating problem that my mechanic can […]

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Kit Scratch Out Car Wax Review

Kit Scratch Out Car Wax Review

I get a ton of email questions each day from my readers, and many of them have to do with exterior car like car wax and polish products. I am always testing new (and older) products to see what is working best today and if they are a good suggestion for my readers. This time […]

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Coolant Leaking at Thermostat?

Coolant Leaking at Thermostat?

My 2008 Chrysler Sebring is experiencing a coolant leak under the engine, it does not run hot, but there are small spots of greenish liquid when I park after driving.  I took it to Firestone because they changed the upper hose when I got a coolant service. They said the pressure test directed a problem […]

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How Much Should A Timing Belt and 60K Service Cost

hi. i am a girl, so repairing my car i think will cost me more… i drive a 2001 Spyder eclipse. with 65,000. Every where i call gives me a stupid number. i know you are busy, but ok what are the average prices to these things…. and i read your articles about reading in between the lines when comparing to dealers and like midas. 1. tune-ups….does this include oil changes. 2. 60,000 service 3. timing belt 4. serpentine belt 5. front end alignment I just need prices on average and also what I should be asking in terms of what it includes when being done

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